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Anak Alam Flores – projects for the future of the children in Flores

School children in Naba getting new school bags

Primary schools in the villages

Primary schools in the surrounding villages

Desa Liang Ndara where Sten Lodge eco Homestay is located consists of three villages; Melo, Mamis and Cecer. We are teaching in all three villages but our main focus is Mamis village. Mamis village don’t have their own primary school. Head of Desa Liang Ndara has given us permission to use an empty building in Mamis, and we have transformed it into a small primary school.

Primary schools in remote villages

Anak Alam Flores is arranging school teaching in the Naba village which is a village that can’t be reached by scooter or car only by walking or horse riding. We have been there teaching several times and we are now in the planning of having something more permanent there. Supoort us build a school in Naba here

Barter system

The teaching and primary schools are all free of charge for the parents. Instead we are using the barter system so the parents can donate whatever they have in their own gardens, fruits, vegetables, rice or maybe a chicken.

School children in Mamis collecting garbage

Other activities for the children

Books for children and libraries

We are receiving many donations of books and stationary for the children. These donations are used in the schools we run and also given to the children. As there are no libraries in the villages, our goal is to manage one or two libraries strategically located so the children can come there and read in their free time.

Trash collection

Flores island is suffering a lot from garbage pollution, especially plastic bottles which many people just throw on the ground. Our aim is to educate the children in the importance of keeping the areas clean from garbage.

Health controls for children

Several doctors and nurses from Siloam Hospital in Labuan Bajo donated their time to come up to Mamis village to perform health controls of the children in Mamis. The children did also learn about the importance of good hand hygiene.

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Teaching outside at the school in Mamis
School children in Mamis
Learning alphabet
Doctors from Siloam Hospital in Mamis
Performing health checks free of charge
Teaching the children about hand hygiene
Teaching children in Melo village
Children from Melo
Book donations for the children
Children in Cecer village studying hard
Teaching English in Cecer village
Enjoying the crocodile pose in the study break

Photos by Estelle Vaganay


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